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Wooden Trays Vs Plastic Trays

By admin / Date Aug 12,2022

It is said that "the color of food is also the nature of food". Although food and color are two completely different things, "the color of food" has gradually become more and more important. In addition to its own taste, the visual enjoyment of food is enough to constitute a feast, so people are more and more like to put a plate in their spare time. But the plates commonly used in the kitchen tend to be smaller and too restrictive. So having an overhanging tray is all that matters before posing for food with care.

Types of trays

Generally speaking, the most common food trays include wooden trays and plastic trays. There are also some disposable trays, metal trays, etc., but relatively speaking, their use range is not as wide as wooden or plastic trays, so today I will introduce wooden and plastic food trays.

The wood itself is also very diverse, such as poplar, pine, and so on. Its properties and characteristics also depend on the wood material. Poplar is generally loose and soft, with poor durability, and is suitable for pallets with low load-bearing requirements. The applicability of pine is relatively much wider.

As for plastic materials, there are usually two kinds of raw materials used in food trays, PP and PE, among which PP is the most common material. These trays are more environmentally friendly and do not cause much impact on the food.

In addition to the trays in the strict sense, some cutting boards can also be used as food trays, and they are often used to make a more beautiful display. For custom home decorations, please contact us.