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Wooden Photo Frames Is Very Memorable As A Gift

By admin / Date Dec 16,2022

Because there are very few printed physical photos now, there are fewer photo frames. But it is only used for home decoration. But there is another scene, that is, when giving gifts to girls, some commemorative photo frames still attract a lot of attention.

What gift to give to girls is more meaningful, and the student party has little money, you can consider a photo frame. In particular, many of them are wooden photo frames that can be customized, which can be said to be cheap and meaningful gifts, and are very suitable for the student party to give girls.

First, it is a photo frame, but also a cute doll

Because few people print photos these days, photo frames are used less. If you want to choose a photo frame, some cute doll images can increase the sense of ceremony of the photo frame. For student party couples, if you want some creative small gifts, you don't need expensive but meaningful gifts.

A very commemorative clay photo frame, which is very simple and easy to use, and you can make a very special photo frame with 0 basics. Make a special cartoon doll photo frame by yourself, and the affection will be deeper. The material pack will provide clay materials, photo frames, multi-color background boards, white latex and small tools, etc.

PP hand-made ultra-light clay photo frame, I was not confident at first, but after watching the video tutorial, I slowly got started, the finished product is quite good, and I have a sense of accomplishment. You can see the works of netizens, and you can see that it is not very delicate, but it is quite cute, and it will be more meaningful.

Second, put the pet in the photo frame

In modern society, the object that many people can open their hearts to may be their pets. Tell pets about happy things, troubles at work, and small thoughts about love. It may also be why many people feel very sad when their pets suddenly disappear.

When the pet was gone, I saw some people would turn their pets into diamonds to accompany them for a long time. Now there is another option, which can make its image like a pet in life. Put it in the photo frame, so that your cat or dog can always accompany you on the desktop.

Many people like to use wool felt to imitate pets to customize souvenirs. On the one hand, it is really vivid, and the moment people open the package, it is like seeing their beloved pet; on the other hand, it is very delicate and will help You modify it again and again to conform to the image in your heart.

Three, romantic days, high five

In ancient times, when two people decided on something to do, they clapped hands as an oath. In the new era, we wear special rings and favorite accessories on our hands. And when the anniversary comes, it is very romantic to freeze the handprint on the photo frame, and commemorate the couple!

For couples, there are too many festivals throughout the year, including many Valentine's Days, such as 214, 520, Chinese Valentine's Day, and Christmas. And this kind of couple's handprint photo frame is cheap and very meaningful. For boys, the pressure is much less, and for girls, it has a sense of ritual.

In the words of a netizen: "I really like this. The paint sticking to my hands will fall off as soon as I wash it. I am super satisfied with it. I love it with my boyfriend. The birthday commemoration is very meaningful. Buy it buy it."

This is a highly interactive handprint photo frame. It is highly recommended to play with boyfriends or family members. Personally, I recommend adding more colors to make it more fun.

Fourth, freeze the love scene

Sometimes in love, I always feel that the beautiful days pass too quickly, so I came out to give commemorative gifts, or customized gifts, to freeze the beautiful scene at that moment. Among so many gifts, photos are indispensable for niche and meaningful gifts. In addition to some small photo frames, you can also consider customizing a photo frame that can be hung on the wall.

Then take some care to make the frozen photos "move", like in the short video, add an NFC chip, and write the music corresponding to the atmosphere in it, so that the atmosphere in the photos will be frozen forever.

Of course, I think there is a better option, that is, you can take pictures of your lovers. Use the device to record the surrounding sounds at that time, or love words, and then upload them to the platform and write them into NFC. This way, there is an exclusive scene that belongs to the two of you.

This kind of customized photo frame is made of solid wood, the material is very textured, and it is very classy at home. Matches the printed photos, good typography. It would be really nice to add the exclusive voice.

5. Preserved flowers and photo customization on important days

When important days come, such as various Valentine's Days, anniversaries, or ordinary romantic scenes. If you don't have so much thought and want a romantic gift, you can consider some romantic gifts for girls.

On days of the year like Valentine's Day or Christmas, preserved flower gift boxes have become the choice of many people. Like this customizable photo preserved flower photo frame, it is a seven-inch photo frame, and there are many styles to choose from. It comes in beautiful packaging and can also write greeting cards.

This preserved flower photo frame gift box uses imported flower materials and high-density wooden photo frames. The photo frames are available in various sizes and can help you print photos for free.

In addition to giving it on Valentine's Day, it is also a good choice for friends' birthdays. At first glance, it looks very beautiful and atmospheric, and the workmanship is also very good. Many people give girlfriends a first anniversary gift, or a friend's birthday.

The above several photo frames have their own characteristics and are very targeted commemorative gifts.

Many boys don't know what gifts to give girls is more meaningful, and the connotation carried by the photo frame is not static. Adding handmade elements, special photos, customized sounds, etc., can make the photo frame carry your unique and special gift.

Can these good things make your eyes shine? If you have other needs, please leave a message. We are a professional wooden decorations supplier.