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Where Should A Decorative Wooden Wall Clock Be Hung?

By admin / Date Jul 29,2022

In the design of the living room, in order to make the family have a more sense of time, many people will install wall clocks in the living room. However, do you know where is the right place for the living room wall clock? How to choose the size of the decorative wooden wall clock?

Living room wall clock size selection

1. It depends on the area of ​​the living room. Generally, the diameter of the living room wall clock of about 25-30 square meters is about 400mm. 30-40 cm, choose the number and the plate is eye-catching, and it is more elegant and elegant to hang in the living room.

2. It is best to decide according to your room type and layout. 40 cm in length and 30 cm in width is enough. Nowadays, there is a few 40-50 cm in the living room that can be hung for an hour. It is more elegant to choose the number and the eye-catching surface of the plate.

3. It is recommended to use a European-style modern and simple wall clock, the Polaris wall clock is very good; choose the size of the wall clock according to the size of the living room, 14 inches is more common. 12 inches is about the same size as a piece of A4 paper. If you buy a clock, at least 12 inches or more, depending on where you hang it, and compare it yourself.

living room wall clock shape

Wall clocks come in various shapes, including traditional square, round, and trendy triangles and other special-shaped wall clocks. In feng shui, different shapes represent different feng shui attributes. For example, circles belong to gold in feng shui, squares belong to the earth, rectangles belong to wood, polygons belong to the water, and triangles belong to fire, some of which are beneficial to the owner's fortune, and some will adversely affect the owner.

More suitable for hanging in the living room are the three kinds of wall clocks gold, wood, and earth. This kind of wall clock will help the owner's fortune to a certain extent, while the other two kinds of hanging species should not be hung in the living room.

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