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What Was The Candlestick Like In Ancient Times?

By admin / Date Feb 03,2023

Candlesticks were very popular in Ming and Qing dynasties. In the Yongle of the Ming Dynasty, octagonal candlesticks were popular, and candle-shaped pillars were placed on the candlesticks. This kind of candlestick is a style of candlestick produced in the early Ming Dynasty according to the needs of foreign markets, and its shape is imitated from Islamic metal vessels. The mouth and base of the candlestick are designed in the same octagonal shape. The candle tube is in the shape of a deep cup with a waist in the middle and an octagonal column underneath. The candle holder under the column also has a waist. Candlesticks in the Ming Dynasty were also decorated with animal patterns, but such decorations are relatively rare. The vertical brazing candlestick is the most distinctive shape of the candlestick in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The pedestal sits on the ground like an ancient clock, the wall of the seat is hollow, and the seat is connected to columns. There are one small and one large candle trays on the upper and lower parts of the columns, all of which are in the shape of hexagons. There are long candlesticks erected on the small plate. This lamp style is very popular, and there are candle holders of various textures.

Metal lamps and lanterns in Ming and Qing Dynasties were also more developed, such as cloisonné enamel, as well as copper, silver, tin, and so on. Although the copper and iron lamps popular among the people are not as gorgeous as the palace lamps, their shapes and decorations are also very distinctive, showing the ingenuity of folk artists. Among them, cloisonné enamel lamps are the most distinctive ones, mostly used in the court, such as Qianlong cloisonné enamel Haiyanhe Qing lamps, which are divided into three parts, lamp panel, lamp post, and lamp braze. The lamp panel is like a plate with 3 feet under the plate. The lamp post is made into a bird with wings spread out. There is a bead in the bird's mouth, and there is a wax solder in the middle of the plate, which looks like a torch. The whole body of the plate and the bird body is twisted with metal flat wire, bent, and rotated into a Luanbao pattern, which is very magnificent.

Probably influenced by furniture making, wooden lamps appeared in Ming and Qing Dynasties. The production of this kind of lamp is quite exquisite, and it is matched with the indoor furniture, and it is very harmonious to be placed indoors. There are many styles, including table lamps, lampstands, palace lanterns, and scene lanterns. A desk lamp is a small lamp used indoors, which is mainly placed on a desk or a table, which is equivalent to a book lamp. Lampstand is a kind of indoor lighting fixture, which can be divided into two forms: fixed type and movable type. It can be placed without relying on a table or chair and can be moved at will. It can be placed indoors, matched with furniture, and can also serve as a display.

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