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Those Beautiful Desk Calendars All Over The World

By admin / Date Nov 25,2022

Today, I want to share with you some amazing desk calendars. I hope that every page of these desk calendars can give you new meanings to every day.

Those beautiful desk calendars all over the world

1. Typodarium Font Calendar

Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz from Germany has launched the font calendar since 2009. The highlight of this calendar is that it has been compiled by font lovers around the world. There is a font every day, 365 days without repetition, there is always a font that attracts you.

The 2017 calendar is also a compilation of 365 fonts provided by 263 designers from 30 countries. Behind each font, the knowledge about this font is also carefully introduced. In order to show everyone the beauty of font art, the editor really put a lot of effort into it.

2. JP King stencil mimeograph calendar

The name of this calendar doesn't sound very tall, but it makes people feel a little old-fashioned, but after seeing what this calendar looks like, Fan likes it very much. This calendar comes from Canadian crossover author JP King, an artist who is both a writer and a designer, who used the Risograph technique to create this calendar.

Most of the patterns matched with this calendar are geometric figures, bold colors are used, and many retro elements are added, which has a great sense of design. Of course, the biggest feature of this calendar is that the paper it uses is 100% recycled kraft paper. It seems that our JP King always keeps environmental protection in mind.

3. CMYK Swatch Calendar

German designer Peter von Freyhold made a torn calendar into a color card on a whim, and you can see different colors every day.

But when you make these torn calendars into color cards, you will find that the colors of these color cards are very coordinated. It can be seen that Peter von Freyhold chose the colors very carefully when designing this calendar.

The color span of this calendar is different every week to avoid the user's eyes being tired of color. I heard that this calendar also has a moral, which is to force you to think about how to spend your life colorfully, which sounds quite inspirational.

4. DodeCal Calendar

This calendar is a bit special because it is a bit "abnormal" compared to the normal calendar in our mind ~ because it looks more like a work of art.

This calendar is made of European sycamore wood, each one is a perfect fusion of traditional woodworking and modern laser engraving technology, and they are all produced deep in the hills, full of mystery.

Every dimension of it has been carefully calculated. The cut wood blocks are all polished and waxed by hand, and then engraved by laser. Even if it is machine-carved, craftsmen are required to manually rotate and set the wood blocks at any time. So this calendar is full of ingenuity, and it also looks warm in the hand.

5. Ryan McGinness To-Do Calendar

Compared with other colorful calendars, this calendar looks very serious, but it is the best choice for business people to organize to-do lists and plan their lives.

This calendar looks like a business person, full of rigor. The black lid fits into the bottom of the box, and each page of the calendar itself has a slight grid of spaces for keeping track of to-dos. Do you feel a sense of accomplishment when your calendar box is filled with records for the whole year?

The calendar adopts a black and white design, putting aside the complicated colors, it is very cool and simple. The upper part of each calendar page has a circular pattern, and the pattern is different for 365 days. It is the only episode in the unchanging work record~

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