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The Development Trend Of Photo Frames

By admin / Date Jul 22,2022

Photo frames are in great demand by European and American people, and they generally have high requirements for the quality of photo frames. The current market demand for photo frames is good, so that the photo frame industry around the world has flourished. The photo frame industry has always been dominated by Europe, especially Italy, but after the rise of the photo frame industry in Indonesia and Malaysia in recent years, major European and American customers have turned to these countries to buy goods.

The annual global market value of high-quality wooden photo frames is about 800 million US dollars, especially Italy and Spain supply the most, accounting for 30% of the world respectively, the rest of the European countries supply 10%, the United States supplies 10%, Indonesia supplies 8%, and Malaysian suppliers supply about 2% %, and 10% for the rest of the country. Taiwan used to be a strong exporter of photo frames, ranking among the world's top 10 exporters of photo frame wood strips. However, after the factory in the area continued to improve, Taiwanese manufacturers turned to all parts of Asia to produce photo frame wood strips. The production of photo frames in China is also booming. Most solid wood photo frames are exported to European and American countries, especially Weifang, the hometown of photo frames. As a key photo frame production base in the country, most of them are exported to foreign countries. Among them, the products of Weifang Xingpeng Photo Frame Co., Ltd. are well received. The reason for the favor of customers at home and abroad is that the quality is excellent and the service is in place. This is also a microcosm of Shandong photo frames and even Chinese photo frames.

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