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Teach You To Make A Log Wooden Photo Frame By Hand

By admin / Date Feb 21,2023

In order to highlight the natural texture of the wood, bitter chestnut wood with the most obvious pattern and orange-red heartwood is selected as the wood. This kind of wood is the wood I prefer to use. Its wood grain is very rough, and the wood grain effect is comparable to that of chicken wing wood, so it is called small chicken wings. (It looks better than wenge after resin varnish). It is very beautiful to make log-colored furniture with it, and the paint effect is particularly good. The only downside is that the wood is not strong enough. But making a wooden photo frame is indeed an ideal material. (It is also very good to make wooden boxes)

This long photo frame is designed for the photo wall of my daughter's home. It is planning to arrange a group of horizontal outdoor photos of my granddaughter in parallel. In order to deliberately highlight the wood grain of the wood, the shape of the photo frame is required to be simple and generous during the design.

1. Prepare to use very clear and beautiful wood grain wood panels.

2. Select the photo frame material that is sawn into strips, the wide strips are used for the inside material, and the thin strips are used for the frame material.

3. The side facing the glass should be planned with a slope so that the photo frame will look better.

4. The end face of the thin wooden strips to be used as the frame should be processed into an arc shape with a Haikou planer. This arc surface is facing upwards, echoing the hypotenuse of the wide wooden strips.

5. The wide wooden strips are cut at an angle of 45 degrees. I use a wire saw to process them. You can also use a small saw or a cutting machine that specializes in processing a 45-degree angle.

6. The planed wide wooden strips need to be polished and then glued. Since the wood used this time is relatively thin, it may be easily deformed if it is fastened with a splint, so I temporarily made a simple fixing frame, fixed and glued the inner frame of the photo frame first, and then dealt with the outermost thin wooden frame.

7. After the joint is dry, use thin iron nails to position it around. Come with the side strips on the outside. The arc side of the side strip faces upward and is fixed on the inner frame with millet nails, and glue is applied to the end surface before fixing.

8. Prepare four triangular thin wood pieces, as large as possible. After polishing, paste it on the four corners from the reverse side of the photo frame to strengthen the bonding strength of the inner frame. Make the photo frame a whole more firm and not out of shape.

9. After the corners are fixed, use four small wooden strips to enclose an inner frame and stick it firmly with glue. This is where the glass, photos, and backing boards will be placed in the future.

10. Once this is all done, it's time to apply the paint. What I use is the Olishi brand environmental protection crystal clear resin paint of Canadian technology. The primer should be applied twice first, after the first coat is dry, the surface should be sanded and then oiled for the second time.

11. Then you can start to apply the topcoat, and the topcoat should be applied more than 3 times.

12. Before each coat of topcoat, it is also necessary to carefully polish the photo frame with No. 400 fine sandpaper to ensure the quality of the paint. (The iron box with the photo frame is the packaging box of the Canadian brand Oris transparent crystal resin paint)

So far, a well-crafted log photo frame that highlights the wood texture is ready. After matching the glass and installing the photo, such a beautiful photo frame is completed.

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