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Storage Of Wine Racks And Wine Cabinets

By admin / Date Dec 02,2022

The wine cabinet is a space dedicated to storing wine. For many families, the wine cabinet has become an indispensable landscape in the living room, restaurant, hotel, etc. It displays different fine wines. For example, it can add a lot of gorgeous colors to the restaurant. The wine cabinet is not only a beautiful decoration in the family but also a feng shui auspicious item that will bring good luck to the family.

The particularity of the liquor cabinet

The wine cabinet should be placed on flat and firm ground and removed from the packaging base to reduce vibration and noise. When moving, the inclination angle should not exceed 45°. The wine cabinet should be placed in a place free from direct sunlight and away from heat sources. It should be placed in a well-ventilated place, and there should be enough space around the back, and the wine cabinet should not be placed in an environment that is too cold to freeze. Do not place the wine cabinet in a place with heavy humidity or where it is easy to splash water. The splashed water and dirt should be wiped off with a soft cloth in time to prevent rust and affect the performance of electrical insulators. The supporting feet of the wine cabinet can adjust the height of the wine cabinet. The four corners need to be adjusted evenly, and the nuts should be tightened.

simple liquor rack

For the storage of liquor, the most direct is the jar. After the winery brews the wine, it is filled in large jars, sealed, and stored in the underground wine cellar. In addition to the underground wine cellar, which is used to display and store liquor, let’s take a look at these liquor racks and display cabinets today! The most original liquor rack, the horizontal partition of the wine rack is used to place jars, the space between them is larger. The design of the wine rack caters to the storage requirements of liquor, so as to facilitate the volatilization of the liquor in the bottle, and achieve the purpose of reducing the alcohol content and improving the quality and style of the liquor.

The container for storing liquor must be ceramic or glass. The best storage place is the underground wine cellar. If it is stored at home, the wine cabinet is a good choice and a beautiful environment decoration. The storage of baijiu is much simpler than that of grape wine. It only needs to be stored in a dry, clean, bright, and well-ventilated place. The design of the wine rack is as good as you like. There are no strict standards. It is important to remember that open flames are strictly prohibited for baijiu Close to, store upright in the wine cellar or at home to prevent "running wine". Liquor racks are suitable for storage in spacious, dry, ventilated, and clean places. They are mostly stored in cellars, mainly in altars.

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