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Several Common Decorative Wall Racks

By admin / Date Sep 02,2022

The wall racks are essential decorative storage in every home. It is not only beautiful and practical but also has many styles, which can create different styles of interior styles. Today, I will briefly talk about a few common decorative wall mounts.

The pastoral hollow frame is very suitable for the pastoral style home. It looks very beautiful when hung on the monotonous wall and the wallpaper with small flowers. If you put some small ornaments, the area will become flexible in an instant.

Pinzi's creative wall shelf is a new fashion element that is avant-garde and classic. It abandons luxury and complexity and advocates the design concept of simplicity and practicality. Different colors are matched with different styles. It is not the taste that determines life, but the taste that determines life.

The TV set-top box hanger is very convenient and practical, and it is especially suitable for small-sized families. On the basis of not occupying space and area, it can be hung on the wall, which is simple, stylish, and elegant, and the shape is also very elegant.

The carved high-end set-top box hanger has a smooth curve, healthy and environmentally friendly materials, and simplified disassembly and assembly. It can be easily assembled in 2 minutes and enjoy the fun of DIY.

The U-shaped rack is made of baking paint, is very smooth and bright, and has a variety of specifications. It can be combined into a bookshelf, CD rack, etc., and it is also very good as a wall decoration.

Korean pastoral wall rack, hollow carved surface, simple and elegant Korean design, and flexible storage space, make your home more tidy and warm.

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