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Nordic Style Reindeer Horn Candle Holders

By admin / Date Oct 14,2022

When it comes to Nordic style, most people will blurt out the word "simple", but in my understanding, the essence of Nordic style lies in the close combination of man and nature. The inspiration comes from nature, and the raw materials are taken from nature. Nature.

In the process of design and production, the morphological properties of the material itself are preserved as much as possible, and it is natural to do without excessive manual intervention, just like Scandinavian cuisine, simple, simple, original, and fresh.

For example, placing a reindeer product in a room without any complicated decoration will instantly become the most Nordic taste.

As big as a reindeer horn chandelier, a whole reindeer skin, as small as a copper bell worn by a deer, and a refrigerator magnet with sliced ​​reindeer horns.

The Sami people are the aboriginal people of northern Europe. They live in the Arctic Circle in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia. About 8% of the Sami people make a living by raising reindeer and operating reindeer farms. Sami artist's hand-made daily necessities and ornaments can be found in almost every Finnish home.

Many years ago I took the train north to the Lapland capital on a whim and wandered the commercial street in the center of Rovaniemi alone and found two tents side by side, one of which was filled with souvenirs made from reindeer, a stall. The host is a middle-aged lady. She first greeted me warmly in English. I could tell from her accent that she was Sami. When I changed to Finnish, she looked relieved and opened the chat box instantly.

During the conversation, I learned that she and her husband have been running this husband-and-wife business for many years. The husband is a craftsman, and all the goods are made by himself, while the lively wife is responsible for the sales.

I said that there are more and more Chinese tourists coming to the North Pole, and you can always hear Chinese on the street. She said excitedly, "Yes, yes! As Christmas approaches, Chinese tourists come, and business has become very good. China Tourists are very polite, and very interested in the North Pole, Santa Claus and reindeer, unlike Helsinki people who know nothing about reindeer! Incredible!? I don't understand people in big cities!"

I thought to myself, "What do Helsinki people want to know about reindeer?" Although I thought so, I was still moved by her rich expression and firm tone. For her, it was a matter of course for her to take the time to understand the characteristics of her own country.

Then she took me into the tent next to her. Her husband was concentrating on creating with a small cutting machine. I saw a reindeer horn candlestick on his workbench. The candlestick was divided into three parts. It is connected to the main body by a tenon-and-mortise structure, and three brass candle holders are installed side by side. The side of the antlers can be seen with gray-white incisions. I was immediately attracted by this treasure, and the idea of ​​placing it on the fireplace already appeared in my mind. sight.

"I want this!" I said, holding the candlestick in my hand, for fear that it would be snatched away by tourists later, the taciturn artist only said ok, and the proprietress took the initiative to give it to me on the basis of the label price. With a 40% discount, "Fortunately you are here now, we will be too busy to chat in December," she said to me before leaving.

One of the copper candle holders is tied with a thin leather string, which is used to tie a handwritten label. The orange paper label has long since disappeared, but I have never untied the leather string.

If you're visiting Santa in December, you're sure to see the couple's tent on Rovaniemi's Commercial Street.

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