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Multiple Uses Of Wall Racks

By admin / Date Aug 05,2022

Hate the small space at home? In fact, it may be that the storage method is not in place. For example, a wall is a place that is often ignored by everyone. Wall racks can be used in many places in the home, and today I will teach you how to store them.


There is a steady stream of shoes being bought, but the shoe racks can't put them down. Coupled with the habit of changing shoes as soon as you get home, you can consider using this slipper rack at the entrance. The form without punching is not afraid of damaging the wall, and the simple iron art will not affect the style of the home at all. Just hang the slippers lightly, and the porch will become neat and organized.

living room

Now many families are small-sized, but small-sized does not mean a future, but more skills. This wall shelf is made of simple solid wood and a simple word board, which looks very stylish. Vases, books, photo frames, and even a few bottles of your beloved red wine can not only decorate an empty wall but also hold a lot of small things.


I believe that many families have already had towel racks, but there are many washbasins on the floor. In addition to storing small items such as towels and bath balls, this storage rack can also store multiple washbasins. The hollow design is not afraid of the accumulation of bacteria and mosquitoes in the washbasin, and the floor becomes clean.


The kitchen is the heavy oil area of ​​the home, it is troublesome to clean up, and there are many things. If you can make more use of the kitchen space, I believe it will be very neat. This wall shelf is made of durable stainless steel, which is not only easy to clean, but also has a strong enough bearing capacity.


There are always some clothes in the bedroom that cannot be folded, a favorite hat I like to put there, and a bag I like to carry every day. This wall rack can hang items that are often used every day, avoiding the trouble of repeated storage, and at the same time, it will not obstruct the place. You can place some decorations or your favorite decorations on the top floor to decorate the room and increase the storage space, killing two birds with one stone.


If you want the balcony to be another happy place in your home, you can't put things around. This rack does not need to be punched, considering that the laundry detergent and disinfectant will be heavier, of course, stainless steel will be better. There are anti-slip railings, and small hooks can hang items such as rags. If you put a few pots of plants, wouldn't it be beautiful?

If you want to make your home neat and tidy, some useful shelves are of course used! As long as you choose carefully, you can not only store them properly but also embellish this lovely home. HSH is a professional custom interior decoration company, if you have any product needs, please contact us.