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Make Jewelry Storage Racks Out Of Humble Little Objects

By admin / Date Sep 23,2022

If you are still insisting on putting all your jewelry into those decent jewelry boxes, not to mention the monotonous appearance of most jewelry boxes, just the way they scuffle each time you take out the necklace is quite annoying. .

What I want to introduce today can not only help you organize those messy jewelry, but also become the most special decoration in the living room, making your private small space unique.

It can be used to make small productions of waste and old things, and can be turned into jewelry storage racks exuding artistic flavor through clever DIY, such as waste withered branches, mirror frames, drying racks, picture frames, wine corks, etc.!

Many inconspicuous objects in life can have many good uses, and they are not as complicated and difficult to make as imagined. For example, the following group of hand-made works can be easily DIYed. The key is to find the heart of beauty~

1. Find a few driftwood or branches, nail them with small nails, and hang them on the wall to be a super artistic jewelry rack.
2. A row of small hooks is nailed on the wall of the coat and hat, and necklaces and bags can be hung on it easily.
3. A beautiful wooden frame, cork wallpaper to form the back panel, nailed with a few pins, plus a wall-mounted antler-shaped decoration, this is your most beautiful art corner.
4. The cork board and magnet board wrapped in wallpaper can make the necklace find the most beautiful belonging.
5. A beautifully shaped branch, painted with fashionable colors and placed in a vase, is the most stylish jewelry stand.
6. Set up small stretchable hooks in the wardrobe, scarves, necklaces and other accessories are stored in the corner of the wardrobe.

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