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Jewelry Storage Rack Captures Your Heart

By admin / Date Nov 18,2022

In autumn and winter, you need some unique but not overwhelming accessories to brighten your outfit. I bought beautiful jewelry but neglected to buy a good-looking and practical jewelry stand. No matter how expensive or beautiful jewelry is, if it is not stored properly, it will become scrap iron: necklaces are knotted, pearls are scratched, earrings are missing... So, I will introduce a few jewelry storage racks to you, Good looking and practical!

The open jewelry rack has powerful storage functions, it can be hung and placed, and necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, etc. can all be stored. Open design, the placement is clear at a glance. Looking at the beloved jewelry neatly placed, the mood instantly improves. Even if there are only a few simple trinkets, it will be very tasteful through careful arrangement and jewelry.

The zoo series ring setting comes in a variety of shapes such as giraffe, reindeer, rabbit, and kitten. Cute and cute shape, elegant rose gold tone, delicate and small, it is hard to put it down. After taking off the ring, hang it on the ears and tails of small animals, and it is super cute as a small home decoration. It's beautiful at home and in the office.

When the ring is not placed, it is also a beautiful work of art on the table. Although small and exquisite, it can still be loaded. According to our personal test, each ring setting can hold more than 10 rings to meet daily needs. It can be used not only as a ring holder to hang rings but also as a headband. The ring setting is made of zinc alloy, the surface is polished, the luster is natural, and it will not deform or fade when it is cold or hot, and it is very durable. The velvet touch surface is thoughtfully used at the bottom, which is non-slip and wear-resistant, and it is not easy to fall and spill on the ground.

Glass texture jewelry box, the designer endows it with modern design language and fashion beauty. The body of the glass jar is carved like a dewdrop, and with a metal lid, the beautiful and mysterious collections are vaguely displayed.

Double-layer stacking, and three-layer storage, are easy and convenient to take, and the moderate size is suitable for placing some commonly used small jewelry. The crisp sound of the collision with the jewelry is like a simple and beautiful tune. There are also jewelry racks, with different heights for necklaces, bracelets, and earrings of different lengths, which look like a work of art.

Double Jewelry Rack

There are always some bracelets, watches, and small items that need to be placed directly on the dressing table. At this time, you need a double-layer jewelry rack with a bright temperament. It uses a fishing line-shaped metal rod to connect two metal discs, one large and one small, to form a double-layer structure. The bending angle and related joints are carefully measured to ensure the stability of the internal structure, which will not fall off or fall, and is durable and strong.

Jewelry and items such as rings, bracelets, watches, coins, perfume samples, etc. are all within easy reach. It can also be placed on the porch to store keys, wallets, coins and other small items. It can even be used on the dining table for desserts and pastries. The frame body is made of electro-galvanized alloy high-density iron material, and the outer layer is an electro-plated metal coating, which is not easy to rust and fade after a long time in normal use.

The edges of the storage tray have been carefully polished, showing a rounded and comfortable feel, which can reduce the possibility of accidental scratches, and will not scratch the jewelry at the same time.

Four Bucket Jewelry Box

The four-bucket jewelry box, whose shape is modeled after the classical Chinese dowry, satisfies the retro feelings of many people. It is not only beautiful and elegant but also convenient and practical. Just like the retro version of "Transformers", the box body can be stretched and opened from multiple angles, and it can be decomposed from a huge hole into a storage box with small areas, which can distinguish small pieces of jewelry and facilitate the picking and organizing of jewelry.

The closed design prevents the accumulation of dust and oxidation of the accessories. Liners are also used inside each drawer to keep the ornaments from scratch. In terms of material, rubberwood is used, polished and polished, which feels comfortable and reveals a strong natural atmosphere.

Ideal for displaying or storing your treasured jewels, this four-drawer jewelry box is available in small (mini) and large (standard) sizes and in natural or walnut.

ladder jewelry storage rack

This stepped jewelry storage rack is a set with 3 tiers of sliding stepped wooden jewelry trays. Each layer adopts the design of a sliding track, which is creative and fashionable. Metal brackets, and wooden handles, are full of high-level sense, reflecting different tastes. The linen backing used can place earrings, rings, watches, and other objects on the linen, and store small accessories easily.

Choose an exquisite home for your jewelry, and make jewelry storage more convenient! If you are interested in our products, please contact us as a custom home decorations supplier.