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It Is Very Important To Choose The Right Decorative Wooden Wall Clock

By admin / Date Dec 23,2022

When there is soft decoration in the living room, many people will put a wall clock in a corner of the living room. With the continuous progress of the times, wall clocks are not only used to tell the time, but more often they are used as decorations. So how to choose a decorative wooden wall clock for living room decoration is very important, and some old-fashioned wall clocks do not meet the aesthetics of modern people, so what are the ideas of wall clocks? Let me introduce to you how to choose a wall clock for the living room, and what are the creative wall clocks for the living room.

How to choose a living room wall clock

Material The size of the wall clock has a certain relationship with the material it is made of. Wooden wall clocks are very charming, and the size of the wood is relatively large, so it can be used to make relatively large wall clocks. Some wall clocks are made of all metal materials, which are limited by craftsmanship and cost. Generally speaking, this type of wall clock will not be too large, and the size is relatively moderate.

Different shapes will affect the size of the wall clock. Taking the round wall clock as an example, it is very common in the market. Friends who pursue a modern home style like this type of wall clock, because it is simple and convenient, and you have to go to the toilet when you remove it to change the battery. But if the home decoration is more luxurious, it is recommended to choose a wooden ornament wall clock, so as to highlight the atmosphere.

Generally speaking, the size of the door determines how old the wall clock is in the living room. Small families generally choose a round plastic wall clock with a diameter of about 30cm. The area of two rooms and two halls is relatively larger, and the wall clock should be correspondingly larger, whether it is a wall clock made of wood or plastic, it is more suitable. The dining room and living room of the three sides and two halls are relatively open, and the nature of the wall clock is wooden, and the size is just right. When shopping for a wall clock, pay special attention to the style, space, lighting, and personal preferences of the room. Usually, it is necessary to decide the style of the wall clock, whether it is simple or colorful, whether it is half back or retro, round or square, or the style of the opposite sex, several decorative designs should be selected and purchased as much as possible. wall clock. In this way, the actual decorative effect of the wall clock will be felt more directly. It is recommended to choose a wall clock with a diameter of 34 cm (or more). A wall clock with a diameter of 30 cm is preferred.

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