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Introducing Four Practical Wall Hooks

By admin / Date Oct 21,2022

Do you feel like sometimes you're trying so hard to organize your home that your cupboards and storage bins are full, but you still have small homeless items locked in inconvenient boxes, or outside Open that look cluttered? Maybe all you need now is a little storage helper that can easily solve these troubles. Today I will take you to see if there is an indoor wall hooks that is right for you.

Before choosing some suitable hooks, take a look at what you need to hang, heavy or light. Some hooks can be hung directly behind the door, some are vacuum suction cups and are only suitable for smooth walls, some are glued to the wall or the side of the furniture, and some must be punched to use. Generally speaking, if all you want to hang are small items, such as headphones, keys, towels, storage, and other lightweight items, a simple small hook will do, and you don’t need to punch holes in the wall. For heavier items, holes must be punched to make them more secure.

The main reason for using stainless steel and plastic hooks in kitchens and bathrooms is that they are oil and water-resistant. For living rooms, bedrooms, dens, hallways, etc., some wooden hooks create a warmer atmosphere. See if the styles below are right for you.

1. Small log wall hook

This solid wood hook never picks a spot, it takes up very little space on the wall and can be installed in any corner you need. The surface is smooth and delicate, and the rounded polish and the angled angle reduce the possibility of items slipping. Another significant advantage is its small size but high load-carrying capacity.

2. Branch Wall Hook for Coat Unique Decorative Wall Hook

Look away from the door. Plant a tree on the wall! Have your own multiple branches to meet your different storage needs. Even if you put nothing on it, it's a creative way to match a drab wall with this one. This hook is the perfect accessory as well as the perfect small piece of furniture.

3. Wooden hook decorative wall hook children animal shaped wall hook

If you're still worried about your kids' clutter, this is an unbeatable option. Made of natural solid wood, eco-friendly. Jellyfish, whales, parrots, and other small animal shapes are very popular with children. You can attach them above your child's desk, or use them to hang some of your child's doodles.

4. Moon Star Wall Hook Children's Wall Hook Decoration

Another great hook to match your kid's room. These lovely stars and moons wink on the wall. You can also use them to complement other furniture. You can even DIY add some of your kids' crafts. It's beautiful no matter how you look at it.

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