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How To Effectively Use Jewelry Storage Racks To Store Jewelry

By admin / Date Jul 08,2022

I believe that many little fairies have encountered such troubles: they want to choose a necklace with good clothes, but they are knotted. The pair of earrings I was going to wear before going out were rusted. The beloved ring was scratched. Each piece of jewelry has special materials and craftsmanship, and the storage methods are also different. If you don’t want the jewelry you bought at a high price, it may become scrap iron in the end. Come and learn how to use different jewelry storage racks to store jewelry.

Jewelry for daily wear should be easy to handle, and it is best to be clear at a glance for easy selection, so it should be in the form of hanging. You can choose a jewelry rack, the unique shape of the jewelry rack and jewelry can add beautiful scenery to the room. The racks are generally small and cannot hang too many items, so they are suitable for storing jewelry that you wear every day.

For jewelry that is easy to oxidize, you can use a transparent acrylic jewelry storage box. The transparent material can quickly find accessories, and it is not easy to fall off the dust.

The wooden clothespin itself has grooves, which are not easy to cause scratches when used to fix jewelry. Multiple clips can be fixed in a row to store rings and necklaces. Fix the clip upright, you can make a simple jewelry hanger to hang jewelry.

The grid plate can be used to store earrings, and an S-hook or clip can be added to store necklaces or bracelets. Install the wire mesh on the idle photo frame or picture frame by yourself, and it can also be used to store earrings or ear studs directly. The pegboard has the same effect.

Fix a piece of fabric with a large gap on the hanger, which can be used to store stud earrings and bracelets and necklaces with hooks.

Using a fabric with a wider thread, slip it over the support and sew the bottom up. Make a free-moving jewelry storage rack, hang bracelets and necklaces on the clothes support, and put bracelets and hair accessories in the small pockets just below.

Have you learned these small ways to store accessories? If you want to know more about the storage of interior decorations, please continue to follow us!