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How To Choose Jewelry Storage Racks Of Various Materials?

By admin / Date Mar 10,2023

Maybe girls don't have any plans for jewelry storage, and they just put jewelry randomly, but the jewelry boxes that appear on the market can classify jewelry well.

Jewelry storage racks are made of plastic, non-woven fabric, and non-woven fabric-coated materials, each of which has its own characteristics. If there are few things in it, you can choose plastic ones, which are lighter; It is still covered with non-woven fabric, which is easier to clean.

The storage box is easy to wear and tear. After a long time of use, there will be problems such as disconnection and opening. Therefore, it is better to choose a good quality one with strong stitching and interface.

When purchasing a storage box, it is best to buy one that can be folded, which can save space to the greatest extent. When using a storage box, it can be unfolded layer by layer, and the ones that are not in use can be folded.

The storage box is not only for storing various items but also for beautifying the home environment. Therefore, it is best to buy beautiful patterns and patterns, which can add luster to the home environment and make people look more pleasing to the eye. For example, lotus, lotus, and other patterns are all good.

High-end paper jewelry boxes: At present, the cartons on the market are generally made of cardboard, wrapped with a layer of leather-filled paper, and the leather-filled paper is generally better imported from abroad. This type of box is relatively cheap and is generally used in silver jewelry stores.

Flocked high-end jewelry boxes: Flocked boxes are made of plastic as the main structure, and the surface is flocked, which looks more beautiful and lighter. Flocking boxes are relatively more upscale than paper boxes. It is generally used for silver jewelry, gold, etc.

Glue high-end jewelry box: This can be said to be the most widely used box in the jewelry industry at present. The price of this kind of box is in the middle price, and the grade is relatively not very low. It is the first choice of most jewelers.

Wooden high-end jewelry box: it is a comparative box, but some wooden boxes are very cheap in the market, but the quality is not good, mainly mahogany, matte paint, high-gloss paint process. These boxes are generally used in relatively high-end jewelry packaging.

Everyone knows that there are several kinds of materials in the jewelry box market now, including plastic, wood, leather, glass, etc. If you ask me which one is better, I will definitely choose a glass jewelry Box, why do you say that, compared with plastic jewelry boxes, glass jewelry boxes are definitely superior in heat resistance, light resistance, and solvent resistance? Unless it is low-quality glass, it does not have the functions I mentioned.

When choosing a jewelry box, you can’t just look at the material itself when looking at the material, but also look at what kind of jewelry you have, and choose a jewelry box with a suitable material according to your own jewelry.

Because some jewelry can’t get wet, you need to choose a better quality jewelry box when choosing jewelry box. Only those jewelry boxes with good quality can prevent the invasion of moisture in the air and better protect the jewelry. Jewelry, keep your jewelry as bright as when you first bought it.

A jewelry box should be a must-have for every housewife. Most of the jewelry boxes on the market are beautifully designed and have many functions: multi-layered, mirrored, photo framed... necklaces, earrings, rings, brooches, scarf clasps, etc. There are special places for small accessories, which are not only organized but also very convenient to pick up.

In addition to hiding jewelry in a jewelry box, it is also a stylish way to display all kinds of beautiful jewelry.

Hang necklaces, earrings, and other shiny accessories on the jewelry rack. When the storage is completed, a work of art is also born.

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