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How Long Will Wooden Wall Plaques?

By admin / Date Feb 10,2023

Wooden wall plaque is iconic, but how long will wood siding last? The benefit of wood paneling for the exterior of your home is that it is a beautiful, durable, natural alternative. However, wood siding is known to require hard work, time and maintenance to keep it healthy and long-lasting.

How long should wood siding last?

Variables that affect the lifespan of wood siding are the following: the type of wood used, maintenance of the paint, use of finish paint and other sealants, water exposure, and the style of the siding ("higher" or non-flat shape siding won't last) (as long as it's traditional wood).

Wood Siding Repair Tips

Wood must be properly coated with paint, stain, or clear sealer. It can easily rot and rot from moisture if left unprotected. Interior Logic Follow these steps to ensure your wood siding looks healthy and lasts:

Protect wood siding from moisture and corrosion with paint, stain, or a clear sealer. This finish is important to protect the panels from moisture, rot, and other weather damage.

Try not to let the wood paneling come into direct contact with the ground. This will help combat potential rot and other fungal growth.

Clean the siding of your home regularly. Do not scrub the boards too vigorously to avoid the risk of paint chips or other damage to the material. Hose the siding down before and after cleaning, and use a simple solution of water and soap or detergent to clean the wood siding.

Reseal/repair your wood siding approximately every 2-5 years. This will help prevent moisture and other water damage. Taking the time to repaint and reseal your wood siding is critical to making them last and look great.

Replace damaged panels immediately. If it's warping, cracking, or other major damage, don't wait to replace these panels. Leaving partially damaged panels on your home can cause additional damage, not only to the home's siding but to other components of the home's exterior and structure.

When to Consider Replacing Wood Siding?

If your wood siding is visibly damaged, warped, or cracked, it's time for some repairs or replacement.

If your paint layer is peeling off the wood, it could indicate a persistent defect inside the paneling, such as absorbed moisture or a gap in the primer. Peeling paint can usually be fixed by scraping or chemically stripping the old paint layer, re-priming the panel, and then applying a topcoat and sealer.

However, peeling paint can be caused by more severe weathering and defects in the wood itself that needs to be replaced. Peeling paint can sometimes pull on the wood, causing physical damage to the panel itself.

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