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Diversified Wooden Mirrors

By admin / Date Nov 04,2022

Before the invention of the mirror, there was a beautiful girl who was deceived by her childhood friends for many years. When she was eighteen years old, she had low self-esteem for nineteen years, because her mother brought her an inferiority complex. In her ignorant to sensible growth, her childhood playmates and current boyfriends and friends have been lying to her, saying that she is the ugliest girl in the world, and her boyfriend did not tell her until she was dying. really beautiful. She left the world with a happy smile.

Some people feel inferior because they don't have a mirror, but some people feel inferior because they have a mirror. What a mirror brings is different for everyone, some people like to look in the mirror, some people don't.

A wooden mirror is a good thing. It reflects the strengths and weaknesses of people. As long as people reflect on their inner reflections, they will know how to make up for their own shortcomings.

I didn't know that before. Why some people take a picture in front of the mirror for half an hour, now I understand, she is full of self-confidence, I don't have time to look at her, she just finds opportunities to admire herself.

I also like mirrors. Others look in the mirror to appreciate their own strengths. I look in the mirror to find my shortcomings.

A mirror is a good thing. If Dong Shi had a mirror on his body, he would not have left a story about his frown.

If there were no mirrors in Zou Ji's house, there would be no satire about King Qi's remonstrance.

A mirror is hung on the door of the common people, it can ward off evil spirits and exorcism, and a mirror is hung in the office of the dignitaries, it can reflect and introspect.

There are various materials for making mirrors. Some people use copper as a mirror, others use water as a mirror. The most extensive material is Tang Taizong. He likes to use people as a mirror, and even history as a mirror.

I don't have a fixed material, I like to use local materials, all the people and things that I have come into contact with are the best materials for me to make mirrors.

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