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Craft Wooden Ornaments Are Also Exquisite

By admin / Date Nov 11,2022

Nowadays, there are all kinds of home furnishings on the market, and they are also quite different in terms of wood and processing techniques. Wood carvings are divided into three categories: three-dimensional round carving, relief carving, and root carving, as well as mahogany, red sandalwood, rosewood, almond,  and other woods. , enough to make consumers dazzled and unable to start.

Therefore, if you want to buy value-for-money or even value-for-money craft wooden ornaments, you have to do your "homework" in advance and know how to pick out the most collectible treasures in the crowded home decoration market.

The more precious wood carving ornaments are, the more particular the wood used. Most of the best woods have the characteristics of high density, good oiliness, and tough wood. Therefore, the small-leaf rosewood with brown eyes and hard texture is favored by many carvers, and the wood carving products made are relatively high-quality.

 However, there are still many consumers who do not know much about this, and only understand the characteristics of high-quality materials in general but do not know the specific meaning. Take the density of the wood. Many people think that density and weight are directly proportional, so the heavier the wood, the higher the density. But in fact, the weight of wood is also affected by the air-dry density, and the phenomenon of thermal expansion and contraction will interfere with the judgment of the real weight of the wood.

In terms of wood carving techniques, the three methods of round carving, relief carving and root carving have their own characteristics. In simple terms, round carving refers to three-dimensional carving, which can make people appreciate the handicrafts in all directions and from multiple angles, showing the overall sense of artistic image.

Relief sculptures are semi-stereoscopic sculptures. A lifelike image is carved on a flat plate. The viewing is relatively limited, but it is also more intuitive. The last root carving is easier to distinguish. It carves an artistic image on the basis of the natural form of the tree root. It pays attention to "three parts artificial and seven parts natural", which not only retains the original beauty of the tree, but also adds artificial decoration to give Crafts are uniquely interesting.

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