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Assorted Decorative Wooden Wall Clocks

By admin / Date Oct 09,2022

Even if you no longer have the concept of time, you should place a decorative wooden wall clock in the house, watch the hour hand move gradually, and feel the existence of time.

Next, I will introduce these tall wooden wall clocks, which play various tricks with wood. It is a perfect companion for the wall with one eye and two eyes.

1. The minimalist style wall clock is a very beautiful wall clock. The design is simple but atmospheric, and the fresh tree pattern makes you feel as if you can smell the breath from the forest all the time.

2. The stylish mosaic wall clock is made of recycled old wood pallets, equipped with an American quartz movement, and then cut and depicted with geometric patterns, which has both a nostalgic taste and a fashionable texture.

3. Honeycomb wall clock, the original honeycomb can also be so elegant, the birch board is carved into countless small hexagonal lattices with laser, the unique visual effect is impressive.

4. Rustic Wall Clock, rustic striped wooden clock with an old-fashioned charming aesthetic. Handcrafted from truly weathered wood and metal, each wood surface has a different grain and tone.

5. Hollow wall clocks, these intricately cut wooden clocks have a strong trendy feel. The light brown wood is naturally treated, cut into smooth and hollow curves, and finally constitutes a clock face like a work of art. Just hanging on the wall, it has an irresistible attraction.

6. Mondrian style wall clock, a birch wood clock made in Charlotteville, USA, with interesting colors, modern and classical style, which makes people eye-catching. Inspired by Mondrian's "Still life" paintings, with bold brushstrokes graphics, the imagination spreads infinitely. Each clock is laser cut for precise fit and easy assembly.

7. City Coordinate Wall Clock, a collection of wooden clocks containing famous landmarks. Using maple, cherry, walnut or white oak as raw materials, laser cutting condenses the silhouette of the city's splendor and precipitates it as a permanent memorial.

8. Gabled Wall Clock, this refreshing oak clock takes advantage of the shadow of the triangle to subtly blend it into the design, changing shades and tones as the light in the room moves from early morning to dawn. It is a beautiful idea to be able to grasp the approximate time through the different shades on the clock face.

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