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A Young Man Dedicated To Building A Bird House

By admin / Date Dec 30,2022

City dwellers are woken up every morning by the blaring alarm clock or the honking of a speeding car. It is really a luxury to be able to wake up under the caress of the rising sun and listen to the wonderful chirping of birds.

But for the people of Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, perhaps this luxury can be realized gradually. Because in this city full of modernization and antiquity, which is rated as one of the happiest cities in the world, there are many colorful and very distinctive "small tree houses".

Strolling on the street, looking up at the big trees full of fruits and cute little houses. Or outside a certain family's house, there are many colorful small houses dotted with walls, as if they are very distinctive like an oil painting.

These are the "bird houses" that appear in the corners of the city year by year. It is a street art project that a young guy named Thomas started to implement in 2007 and has persisted for ten years.

Perhaps in the eyes of many people, what he did was completely useless, how stupid it was. But as Thomas himself said, "When I was a child, I often saw birds coming in and out of my grandmother's house. There were a few baby birds hiding in a small nest in the corner. What a lovely picture. But now I can't see such a scene." The picture is gone, and we are gradually reducing their living area."

Under Thomas's whimsy, no one form of the birdhouse is repeated. Following the structure of the house, a tree-like design full of bird houses is built outside the wall to add a bit of beauty.

When the signal tower next to the street is placed with a cute bird house, it immediately makes people feel better. Even the gate of the home, when matched with these bird houses, it is a bit less modern and more beautiful. The small pavilions in the park are covered with cute bird houses, which makes people feel more alive in the peaceful park.

Since these birdhouses are made of reclaimed wood raw materials, there will be no peculiar smell, which is beneficial to the birds and the public. And the shape is cute, very popular with passers-by, and there is a feeling of discovering surprises.

Ten years of persistence made Thomas not only bring more laughter to people but also made him a wood craftsman. His other works began to appear all over the world, the most famous of which is the series of wooden giants.

Each wooden giant has different personalities and characteristics like the giants in the movie as if they were really alive. Some have a more irritable temper, and when they are unhappy, they will pick up stones and throw them at random. Some are quite clever and will design some mechanisms to play small games with humans. Some like children very much. They set up a swing to let the children play beside them. The sound of laughter makes people feel happy.

They guard the lives of residents like guardians and have integrated into the lives of everyone in different cities. Moreover, in order to let more people understand the meaning behind each work, Thomas will let young people join his team to create together, and instill his "concept of harmony" in others.

The co-host city of Beijing Design Week 2018 is Copenhagen. As an art representative of Copenhagen, Denmark, Thomas was invited to design a "Happy Wall" for Beijing 751 Art District, which was warmly welcomed by the locals.

"We are not the only ones living here, there are other creatures that share the space of the city with us, and we must respect them." The reason why the work is attractive.

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